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The honest backlinks marketplace,where website owners can list their websites to our system in order to sell dofollow backlinks from their website pages,and website owners who want to rank their keywords on search engines, such as Google, by added their text link to the seller's pages.. We fetch automatically the seller's website for high quality internal pages and give to our buyers more choices to find relevant contents with their websites in order to have higher,safer and faster results.See More Inside...

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How Work?

As Publisher:

As website owner can visit our submission page and submit your website to our list,on the correct category in order the buyers to find more easy your website.Then the next step is to verify the ownership of the website,to do this we have 2 options,the verification code which you can add it to your index page,and the other way is by upload our verification txt file to your filemanager.Our system can detect our code or our verification file and to verify the ownership.When everything have done you need to wait few hours and your website it will be to our list.
Messages:If you are new member you need to check our messages also on your spam/bulk folder and allow them,because we will send you messages in any moves we do on our website or if you have any success sales.
How can i place the ads to my site:When the buyer have done one order on your page then you will get a notification message for success sale.You can see also on your account area,to your Task page that you have an ad remaining for place.
When you go to your Task area you can run this steps for successful place of the code to your page.
Step 1 - See your task page and open the order page.
Step 2 - See the informations in which page have done the success sale and which is the code,you can refuse the order if you think this ad is not ok for your website.or you can accept it.To accept it you need first to place the html code to your website like you can see on the next step.
Step 3 - Collect the HTML code in order to place it to specific website page.
Step 4 - Place the code to your page and save it.
Step 5 - Click the accept button in order to confirm that you are already have place the html ad code to your website.

As Advertiser:

If you are website owner and you are looking for high quality backlinks building and success SEO then the only you have to do is to visit our marketplace and to find relevant pages to your keywords in order to add your anchor text in there.Please see this images for help:image 1 - image 2
Tips for correct link building 1) Do not add your backlink in any website,try to find very relevant content with your keyword from the websites which are located on our list.Remember is the most important to have backlink from relevant content with your keyword.
2) Do not use as keyword very similar keywords as your page title is,for example.if your page title say " The best hotels in the USA" then the keywords need to be "find hotel on USA" or many other keywords which can find it on the results of the search engine on the end of the page.
3) Do not use your website link as keyword with different link.For example,if your website link is and the link you use is is wrong and will get penalty after the new google penguin updates.
4) Do not use just a simple text link.Try to make as bigger content as you can,include your text link,but very relevant with the selllers content,in order to be very natural link.
5) Try to have different keywords in every page you add your backlink,just think which is your keyword you want to promote,if is "high quality backlinks" then make the keywords to be similar in each sellers page like "buy quality backlinks" or "quality text links",and so on,it looks more natural links and will get higher results on the search engine your main keyword "high quality backlinks"

As Affiliate:

We have very fair affiliate area,our members,all of them,they have to their account area our affiliate link,affiliate text links and affiliate banner ads.
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